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Our Cincinnati Bartending School

The Cincinnati Bartending School has been in the Cincinnati area for over 30 years and we are very proud of our reputation in training the best professional bartenders in the business. Our tuition is very affordable and with our job placement assistance, we will assist you in finding a great bartending job making $20 to $30 an hour. Check out our course offerings below!

Learn Cocktails

By the time our students graduate they will have learned over 125 cocktails.

Serving Customers

Our students learn tips in customer service. This information is very useful and can lead to bigger tips.

Beer Fundamentals

Our beer class is presented through the perfect pour programs of Anheuser Busch and Guinness.


Our ServSafe proctors are certified by the National Restaurant Association. The certification you earn from this program is nationally recognized.

Why Bartend?

Beer Emoji

One of the most successful recession proof professions

Go home with cash in your pocket everyday

Fun and exciting way to meet people

No shift is the same – always new and fun people

Make good money daily – $100-$200 minimum

Flexible work schedules

Life Behind The Bar

Hear the real stories, experiences, and wisdoms from a wide demographic of bartenders.

Cincinnati Bartending Course Information

One of the questions the public frequently asks, is "What's the difference between a bartender and a mixologist?" We think of the difference between a mixologist and a bartender as being similar to the differences between a chef and a cook. A mixologist has received more extensive training, has greater industry knowledge and usually works in the more upscale food and beverage establishments. In addition, a mixologist usually commands a higher base salary and can expect more tips due to an increased drink repetoire. Our Professional Mixology course is a forty-hour course which consists of ten four-hour bartending classes. Our mixology course can be completed over a one, two or five week period. New bartending classes start each week.


Cream Drinks


Popular Highballs


Sours and Margaritas






Traditional Martinis


Budweiser Training Program


Guiness Beer Training Program


Wine Class

Class Schedule

Day Class

Monday through Friday 10:00am to 2:00pm Two weeks in length Classes start every week. All courses are 40 hours in length Night Class.

Night Class

Monday through Friday 6:00pm to 10:00pm Two weeks in length. Classes start every week. All courses are forty hours in length.

Weekend Class

Saturday Only 10:00am to 6:00pm Five weeks in length. Saturday classes are subject to availability.

Flexible Schedule

The student may take any combination of day or evening or weekend classes until they complete the ten, 4-hour lessons required to graduate. The classes may be taken in any order after the first day.

Hear what our students say about us!

I came into this program with no bartending experience, and incredibly nervous. In the two weeks I was in the program, I quickly learned to make all types of drinks with immense confidence. Anyone who wants to bartend SERIOUSLY should consider this program. - Connor H.
Cincinnati Bartending School is a blast! Under new management, they are very accommodating to all types of schedules and life experiences, and the teachers definitely has the professional experience in the trade. They build your confidence step by step, and they work with you to ensure you succeed. - Lauren T.
Cincinnati Bartending School was an amazing experience. Instructors were very thorough and had a great sense of humor. Failure is not an option. Instructor will stay over late or even come in early to ensure that you pass. Great people, great experience. 10 out of 10! - Brian R.

Job Placement


Our Job Placement Director works with all our graduates one-on-one, giving them the opportunities to work in the BEST bars in Cincinnati.

We not only help our grads get work here in the tri-state, but we also have a Nationwide Job Placement program! With over 90 school stretched across the country, our network of state-licensed schools all work together to help graduates from everywhere get great jobs in any of those cities.

We also offer Online Job Placement Assistance to all graduates currently working with our Job Placement Director. Our online site is 100% devoted to our graduates, keeping them updated on new job opportunities 24/7! Grads can login here!

Our Location


Our Catalog

Download Our 2023 School Catalog Here!

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Do you need professional, qualified bartenders for your establishment or home party?

If so, we can help! Our job placement department has supplied bartenders for most on the tri-state's best bars over the years. We have supplied hundreds of bartenders for Cincinnati's premier events such as; ATP Tennis, LPGA Golf, Convention Center, Reds Stadium, Bengals Stadium, Kentucky Speedway, Hollywood movies (Milk Money), Aronnoff Center, Music Hall, etc.

Services to the Public for home-parties, weddings and events: If you are hosting a wedding reception or private party in your home or catering hall and would like to hire a professional bartender we can help you by supplying a bartender and advice on what you will need to purchase for the event. Our school maintains a current list of 30-50 bartenders for just this type of event.

Services for Liquor License Holders:
If you are the owner or manager of a liquor-serving establishment and would like to interview some of our graduates for your establishment, you may fill the out form below or call the school nearest you.

Our professional referral services are free to all bars. When you contact us, our job placement director will answer all of your questions about how our program works. In general, we will try to find out exactly what your specific needs are such as:

  • Full or part-time employment.
  • Times and dates of the shifts if they are set.
  • Flexible schedule if needed. Age preference if any.
  • Previous restaurant or bar experience may be requested. We have students right out of school and experienced bartenders (graduates) who have returned for placement for various reasons.
  • Rate of pay and benefits offered.
  • Uniform requirements.
  • Any special requirements or preferences.

All we ask of you is that you give our graduates a legitimate interview like you would any other applicant. Our graduates are fully-trained and prepared to work behind your bar. They will need to sell you on their personality, appearance, attitude and professionalism. Feel free to quiz any of our grads on drink recipes or give them a written test. All of our graduates have been trained to be flexible to the bar managers policies on free-pouring, drink recipes and opening and closing duties.

Every Cincinnati graduate (since 12/2005) has been certified in responsible alcohol service by the National Restaurant Association's ServSafe program.

Hiring certified staff can lower your liquor liability premiums. If you haven't already started using certified bartenders, you owe it to yourself to speak to your insurance agent to find out how much money you could save. Most of our schools offer the responsible alcohol service training to non-grads from local bars at a minimal charge.

Our graduates are required to give a minimum one week notice when they quit any bartending job. If they violate this clause (walk off a job, or quit without notice) they can forfeit their placement privileges. We train our people to be professionals!

Our service is free to all bars and our graduates are qualified. What do you have to lose? Give us a shot!